Here Is Why Shopify Plus Can Be a Bad Idea as Your Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Are you in the planning to move your enterprise to the virtual arena? Whether you have a plan or not, joining the e-commerce wagon is the new tune. In the 21st century, selling online is the trend. Customers have become lazy. They’re not willing to spend time walking to the stores and standing on the queues.

For this reason, you must enhance your customers’ convenience by enabling them to shop at any time. Hence, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform that will harness this objective. Shopify Plus is renown as the leader in this niche. It carries the fame of being the best platform for both newbies and veterans. But is it a worth platform? While it is a good option, it might be a bad idea at sometimes. Here are the reasons:

It is a SaaS platform

As an entrepreneur, your dream is incorporating your ideas and dreams on your e-commerce business. You want to have an online store that carries your thoughts and customer preferences. For this to happen, you must have the freedom of designing your website. Shopify plus limits your freedoms. As a SaaS platform, it offers you with features and elements you need to build your site. You do not have an opportunity to access the back-end codes. While the SaaS platform comes with ease of use, it does not allow you to alter or tweak the codes. Hence, you lack the opportunity of incorporating your ideas into your online venture.

Limited chances of standing out

Being unique is the pillar to customer attractiveness. A unique e-commerce website attracts a large following. Building your site from scratch is the secret to standing out. Shopify Plus limits this aspect. As a platform, it offers you web templates and features. You do not have an opportunity to develop original templates.

As such, your site appears similar to your competitors. Hence, your customers may not be able to distinguish your website from those of your competitors. Limited opportunity for being unique reduces your chances of driving sales. So, if your priority is to drive sales by standing out, Shopify Plus is not a good idea.

You do not take the whole profit

As a webpreneur, you’re in business to make a profit. You invest a lot of cash in marketing and promotions. So, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform that will enhance your profit making. Apart from charging you the monthly fees, Shopify Plus requires you to pay a commission when your transactions go beyond the set amount. This way, you give away a share of your profit.

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