2 Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms to Consider When Shopify Is Not Your Choice

No doubt about this: your online success is a credit to having the right enterprise e-commerce platform. For large scale business, going online is not a priority. According to statistics, companies and enterprises are turning to e-commerce at a slow pace. Most entrepreneurs running these businesses believe that their ventures are complex. Unlike the small businesses, only few e-commerce solutions are available for enterprise-level ventures. Nevertheless, this is not a quality reason for failing to sell online.

If you want to be a success in the 21st century, you must conform to the new trend. One of the renowned enterprise-level e-commerce solutions is Shopify Plus. It has excellent features and ease of use as priorities. However, it might be beyond your budgets as an upcoming entrepreneur. Or else, it does not align with your taste and preferences. For this reason, you need to consider other options. Here are the two options you can go for when Shopify is not your choice:

­ BigCommerce enterprise

Are you seeking to be tops in your niche? If this is the case, BigCommerce enterprise is a good idea. This platform comes with similar features with Shopify Plus. It allows you to list your product online without any limitation. It provides multiple payment gateways. Also, SEO is a priority in this enterprise e-commerce platform. The best thing about BigCommerce enterprise is; you do not pay any fees for selling more.  So, you take the whole profit home. For Shopify plus, you have to pay a commission upon reaching the set sales target. Hence, this platform is a good option for you when profit sharing is a bad idea. However, reviewers term it as complex for newbies. However, this is not a reason for going for a budget unfriendly option.

­ Magento enterprise

Freedom and uniqueness are great strides in realizing your online success. Your e-commerce website must be unique to attract a considerable following. Also, you must have the customization freedom to enable you to create a standing out website. If you are in this category, you should consider Magento enterprise. This enterprise e-commerce platform allows you to access the back-end codes. With this freedom, you can modify, tweak, or alter the codes to develop an appealing website — also, no limitation on what to input in your site. All you need is knowledge in coding or access to a coding expert. With this, you will have a chance to build an enterprise e-commerce website that every person will love.